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We provide quality and affordable unmanaged Virtual Private Servers.

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Plan RAM vSwap Disk Transfer CPU IP Location Price
Vz-128 128 MB 128 MB 5 GB 500 GB 1 vCore 1 Amsterdam, NL 19.99 Eur/Year Deploy Now!
Vz-256 256 MB 256 MB 20 GB 500 GB 2 vCores 1 Amsterdam, NL 3.99 Eur/Mon Deploy Now!
Vz-512 512 MB 512 MB 40 GB 1000 GB 2 vCores 1 Amsterdam, NL 4.99 Eur/Mon Deploy Now!
Vz-768 768 MB 768 MB 40 GB 1000 GB 2 vCores 1 Amsterdam, NL 6.99 Eur/Mon Deploy Now!
Vz-1024 1024 MB 1024 MB 80 GB 1000 GB 4 vCores 1 Amsterdam, NL 9.99 Eur/Mon Deploy Now!
Vz-2048 2048 MB 2048 MB 80 GB 5000 GB 4 vCores 1 Amsterdam, NL 19.99 Eur/Mon Deploy Now!
Vz-4096 4096 MB 4096 MB 160 GB 5000 GB 4 vCores 1 Amsterdam, NL 39.99 Eur/Mon Deploy Now!

Embedded VPS Features:

Xeon Processors

We use powerful Intel Xeon processors on our VPS nodes. These CPUs have some of the best benchmarks out there.

SolusVM Control Panel

SolusVM control panel allows you to easily manage your VPS. You have complete control over your VPS.

Full Root Access

Each VPS comes with full root access. As a client you will enjoy full privileges on your virtual server.

Enterprise Hardware

At VirtualSRV we only use enterprise grade hardware from high quality manufacturers such as Supermicro and Cisco. .

RAID10 Storage

Each node features multiple redundant RAID disks array to protect our customers data and provide high I/O performance.

1 Gbps Uplink

Our VPS nodes are connected to the Internet at 1 Gbps. Not only we offer a lot of bandwidth, you can transfer also files super fast!

99.99% Uptime

We provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee around network, power and virtual server availability.

VPN Ready

Our virtual servers come with full support for most common VPN encryption methods like TUN/TAP and PPP.

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